Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sample 2: On Beauty and Respect for Women

I was going to post an essay on the Beauty and Respect of Women, but then I realized that I have an excerpt from the story I was talking about before that concerns that topic. Here it is

Saturday, November 14, 2009 (Adam)

            Can’t understand women. Today was a bit hot comparatively. It’s weird since it has been cold for the past few weeks and winter should be around the corner. Anyways, I noticed one of the girls who is an active feminist walking around. She was wearing weird clothes that seemed like they were falling off of her. They were ripped all over. I probably would have thought she got in a fight if I didn’t recognize it to be that “punk” style. The only things I could think of when I saw her walking around in that outfit was “slut.” I know that’s not a nice term per se, but it really is the proper one for describing my impression. I think most guys would agree. They might think it’s “hot,” but that actually supports my argument that they are thinking “slut.” There is just no way I can have any respect for her if she proudly goes around like that.
I do believe ladies deserve more respect than they are given. However, I hold that this respect should emerge from the old ideas of chivalry and/or the ways of the gentleman. I oppose the views of the hardcore feminism as they are in fact opposed to such ideas of respecting women. In the case of hardcore feminists, women try so hard to prove themselves like men, they do all the bad things that men do and forget the ways that make a woman great. Women were made to complement men, not be them. As a result of being a complement, women have a different set of virtues or characteristics. Women in general are, or at least were, perceived to be Pure, Kind, Gentle, Loving, etc. Do these not deserve respect in itself? However, in not acting upon these, women have in fact degraded themselves over the years and so have made it harder to respect.
The typical girl nowadays has adopted a situation worse for them. The lack of modest dress among some have taken away some of the purity and wholeness that they once had. By this I mean that girls have been trying to cheat the system of looking "hot," which by no means is the equivalent of beautiful, despite how the media portrays it. Whenever you hear the term “hot,” it’s always in relation to sex. “Beautiful,” on the other hand, can be considered respectable and is beyond sex. So by women trying to be “hot,” they have in fact made themselves sexual objects instead of human beings. Some dismiss this caution with “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” but it just does not work. If women have to show as much skin as possible to be considered "pretty," are they really pretty at all? The skin is just to distract. In fact, by trying to distract the male gender with their body, women have in fact forgotten perhaps the most human part of their body, their face. The face is the most unique part of the body and is the easiest way to distinguish one woman from another. If it were not for the face, all women would probably be considered the same when dressed immodestly. This could actually even be the reason why so many of the women that resort to this cheating method get dumped or cheated on.
In addressing the kindness of women, this is actually where I hold the most hope for them. While the rate of violence among women has increased over the last century, there are still some whose kindness is touching, and there are many examples out there of women who possess such kindness. Yet there are some who make it harder to respect because they lash out against what methods a man may try to show respect, such as opening a door for them. If a man cannot show such a simple act of kindness toward a girl, can we expect him to actually respect her later on? And if he does respect her for some reason, do we not think of him as either desperate or in need of something dramatic such as that? In other words, the men that fall for such women, do we not look at him as weak hearted, or do not at least his friends think so of him? How then can the people respect a woman who is so cruel to him?
Women are beautiful people in their nature, but when that inner beauty is corrupted, it is hard to give them the respect that should be theirs. I still hold faith in women, that they can be respected truly. After all, sometimes just the smile of one is enough to brighten a day that is going wrong. Since there are so many of these beautiful creatures, if there is a God, then he is wonderful just for that.

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