Thursday, December 13, 2012


I find dating to be one of those interesting aspects of life today. There are so many ideas tossed around for this one action of interacting with another human being. Some say stay away from long distance. Others say date someone of your religion. Still others say look for certain characteristics. Pretty much every piece of advice has a reason, but not all of them are good. Dating then becomes a gigantic puzzle with extra pieces that don’t fit.
I can’t really say my views on dating have any more weight to them than the others, but I can say that they are based off my observations. Perhaps the part I find intriguing is how we view long distance relationships today.
Not too long ago, a couple would develop a relationship over a long distance without even seeing each other. The relationship would be based off writing letters. Today, we have access to so many methods of connecting, but now we can’t handle distances? That is certainly laughable. It’s like success in communication has destroyed communication. I still hold that it is possible to have a long distance relationship. We just need to have a better understanding of love.
 For the case of religion, it is a good step, however, you still need to be careful. Today, most people of a religion are hypocrites or don’t even care about their faith. Therefore, if you are looking for someone with similar core values, just a title means nothing. It’s more important to find someone who does walk the walk and treats you with respect and real love, not just sex.
A problem many people have today is having sex before marriage. It’s a pretty personal thing, yet it is being given out so freely now. The problem is that if it happens before marriage, there is no guarantee that he or she won’t leave afterwards. It’s more like you were just the toy rather than a human being. We need to learn how to say, “I love you” without sex. After all, sex is only a small part of a relationship and doesn’t last.
The idea of love has been corrupted over the years. Many people are thinking that love requires sex. That isn’t the case. Love is that self-sacrificing act of will that longs for the good of the other. True love can never be just an emotion because emotions never last. It’s that bond and will to stick with the other through even the bad times and not give up. It’s a bond that makes the other family, the kind that you can fight with all the time, but always care for them. It is like Alfred from the Dark Knight Rises, who does what he can to save Bruce, even if it means his Hatred in return.

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