Saturday, January 5, 2013

Value of your Life part 1

     Did you know that if you were to die, there would be many people sad? Did you know if you never existed, there would be so many people who would never have had the joys they gained from knowing you? Did you know if you never existed, the good things some people did would not have happened?
     I realize these things after seeing the chain of my own actions. I went somewhere, saw a pretty girl, sat by her the entire time without saying much of a word. After we were finished with our stuff, we chatted on the road and went our separate ways.
     Later that week, I heard about an event, and from our little chat, I figured she might be there. So I told my roommate I was going, and he then exclaimed he was thinking about going but forgot about it. I think you can see where this is going so I don't need to say any more. Just by being somewhere, you can be the last straw that causes something to happen.
    Another case is I was in my room, then I decided I wanted to do something active. I went towards the library and then halfway there, shifted to go do something else first. When I finally arrived at the library, I ran into a Ukrainian man and invited him to a group thing that was going to happen later that night. He showed up, and gave some interesting insights and ideas. All in a chain reaction.
    I guess I start to notice these things the more I pay attention to plot details in stories. After all, those are the famous cases that something only comes about because of all the little things that happened. Of course, in real life, this still happens. There are many cases where I contemplate doing something, but it is only because of one more thing that I end up doing it, and it can be as simple as the idea that nice girl might be there, because she exists.

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