Wednesday, May 11, 2016

True Love

To those searching for love,
    One of society's greatest lies is that True Love is something sexual. Far from the truth. I can attest that True Love exists. I can testify that it can be at first sight, or better yet, not even have to wait for first sight. Let me tell you about True Love and how great it is.
    True Love requires at least 2 people, but only 1 has to give. This is because True Love gives and receives, but the joy it receives is from giving. This is True Love:

  • A mother dreaming about her child's future while caressing the womb he occupies
  • A father who works hard so that his family will not starve
  • A poor man giving his only blanket to a helpless and abandoned baby
  • A soldier going to war in order that his country may stay free
  • A mother who cries after being told words of hatred by her child, but still cares for her children.
  • A man who forgives his brother of his sins.
  • A friend who gives up his life so that someone else may live.

    True Love does not care if we are worthy. It cares that we exist. True Love is Godliness and it is the source of all that is good. It is the True and Perfect Religion. Anything that hinders you from being able to love is an evil.

    I do not care what you have done. I do not even need to know you. But I can show you an act of True Love by evangelizing it to you. I have given you many examples so that you may be able to distinguish it from the world's corruption. When you really know what True Love is, free from the lies of religions and societies whose god is money, power, or pride, you can become truly happy. This is because the Perfection and Purpose of Mankind is to Love. Know this: You are Loved.

With Love,
N. D. Moharo

More examples:

  • The neighbor who weeps with you in time of mourning
  • The friend who rejoices you won even when he lost
  • The religious man who prays for those who hate him
  • The man who runs into a burning building to save a child
  • The stranger who performs emergency CPR
  • The friend who loans without demanding interest
  •  Love is “Willing the good of the other,”
  • “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours”
  • Love desires what is best for someone,

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