True Love

So normally I share links to my letters/essays with the newest being first. However, this ideology is best understood if read in a particular order. I originally wrote these to fall under other categories, but they are so important, that creating this page is a must. Note that not all of these links will be active until the end of July 2016. This is a reference guide in that you can access the old letters while knowing what to expect in the next week. So here are the letters about True Love.

True Love

  1. Beginning: True Love:
  2. Grow in Love:
  3. Love is Fun - Friendship:
  4. Concerning Forgiveness:
  5. Is Money the Root of Evil? Why No and Yes:
  6. Does the World Lead to Happiness?  (technically can be skipped since it's partially covered by the Root of Evil letter)
  7. The Key to Understanding Morality:
  8. The Religion of True Love:
  9. The Error in the Logic of Religious Extremists:
  10. Conversion Theory:
  11. Conclusion: Beyond Being a Hero:
  12. Epilogue: Levels of True Love:

Bonus pieces:
  1. Concerning Humor:
  2. Speed of Outrage:
  3. Second Root of the Gay Sex debate:
  4. Hell as the Result of Love:
  5. The Rationality of God Becoming Man:

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