Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sample Book Entry

A while ago, I mentioned the possibility of posting an excerpt from my story. I shall do just that. I'm contemplating a fictional account of a year at college. The format will be in journal and diary entries. This an entry from a guy named Adam, a freshman.

Thursday, September 10, 2009 (Adam)

It’s amazing how people wear masks and act different when you’re there than when you’re gone. I was sitting with some of the others at lunch and I was a bit disgusted by what I saw. Daniel was sitting with us for a while but then jumped tables to sit with his brother. After he left, everyone else was talking about how they didn’t care or like him that much. It’s only the 3rd week of school but they acted like they’d disliked him for months. I admit he talks a lot, but isn’t much about him as about other things including how awesome his brothers are. I’m just shocked at how two-faced some people can be. When Daniel is around, they’re all okay to nice to him but after he leaves they bash him.
 I feel kinda sorry for the dude. I don’t see him as ever being a great friend but that is just wrong to be thinking you have friends but they’re not. It makes me wonder about what they think when I leave. I feel like I can’t really trust them whenever they say or appear nice because they could be doing the same to me. Sure it was mainly one of the guys and the others just merely chimed in or listened. Still! I think I’m gonna have to find some new friends to hang with.
Speaking of “friends,” I added today my 50th from this school. I’m not sure how many will actually be real friends, but there’s something about seeing that friend request pop up. I think by having more “friends” on facebook, it makes me feel wanted. I know for me, if I add someone, I do want to potentially be real friends, but I also think people use facebook for connections to use them with no actual intent. One person I really hope wants to be my friend or more than a friend is Sarah. I was chatting with her earlier. Her first comment to me was about how much we had in common. I pray that’s a good sign. She seems like a real nice girl. In fact, she’s like my dream girl. So many features that I’ve dreamed about are there in her. She’s pretty, but I feel like I can actually talk to her and do stuff with her. That is way much more than my last date, who was only beautiful. I respected her, but there was no way that relationship could last. Either way, I hope I have a chance with Sarah.

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