Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mutual Friends and Invitations

Friends are an important part of life. There’s a saying that “a friend is another self.” That seems to work. After all, friends are generally based off some common interest. In fact it could start off as, “Hey! You like that too? I thought I was the only one.” The problem people are having today is that, for some weird reason, they don’t think some of their friends are capable of being friends with their friends.
Just because your friendship with one group is based off one interest, doesn’t mean that another group can’t have a different or similar common base to be friends. For all you know, you can be that common base.
When I was little, I would go to a “friend’s” house and be playing with him. Then he’d get a call from another friend and send me home so he could go hang out with him. That was so messed up, and I knew it. Probably led to a few fights. If not that, then at least some anger that helped justify when there was a fight.
On the other hand, the whole thing could be that one just doesn’t think about the idea of having more than one group get together. It doesn’t need to be a birthday party for that to happen. We just need to start thinking, “Hey! That person is a mutual friend” or “I think these people can have fun together” and then suggest, “Can I invite this person?” Never underestimate the power of an invitation.
An invitation can go a long way. It’s one thing to have an open door. It’s another to actually invite someone in. Both can be methods of welcome, but only one has a lasting effect. By actually inviting someone, they can feel welcomed at that point and not feel like they are intruding. An invitation can be declined, but it tells that you are at least thinking of that person and trying to hang out.
By doing these, you save yourself from the regret of not hanging out with someone once they are gone. Some friendships dissolve by not having contact and therefore not keeping in touch with what you had in common. We only have so much time and it gets hard to try and hang out with everyone, but it gets easier when you are able to do stuff with more than one.

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