Saturday, August 2, 2014

Service of Love

Service of Love
Dear Readers,
                A while back, a thought entered my mind about people. I noticed that the people who loved the most were the people who served others. For weeks, I wondered why this was the case. It wasn’t until the other day when I found that missing puzzle piece. I have long said that Love is “Willing the good of the other,” but it wasn’t until I heard it said as “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours” that it made sense. When you put someone else’s needs before your own, you are serving them. Therefore serving people is an act of growing love. This epiphany allowed me to put together other puzzles I had pondered.
                I noticed that if you refuse to let someone help you, they will eventually dislike or even hate you.  This is because if you refuse their service, you refuse their love. You can do favors for them and that might get them to like having you around, but that alone will not get them to love you. It is when you serve people you recognize their humanity. You recognize they have needs, desires, and dreams.
You may have heard that man is not meant to be alone; that man is a social animal. I’ll go further and say that it is the true nature of man to love. Consider this, in order for mankind to continue, both the strong and weak would need to help each other. The strong must protect and feed the weak while the weak must organize and develop things for the strong. This is shown in nature as a man must care for his wife while she carries their future to term. This is why marriage is so important. It is the bond that keeps a man to fulfill his obligation to support his wife in good times and bad. It escalates even more when the child is born, and yet I have seen a change in people as they are now defined by their love for the child and happy beyond belief.
I knew a girl who got pregnant in college. She was a cheerful person to begin with, but after she had her child she was ecstatic and would never give him up. She cared so much for her son and would comment to me how she didn’t want anything anymore; everything she bought was for her son and she was happy. That love she had, which showed in her service to this adorable toddler, was inspiring. It is unfortunate that is appears to be have been an act of hate that she was murdered a few weeks ago. I can only hope that the love she had for others would inspire others to at least help her pretty much orphaned toddler.
In order to be the greatest of mankind, we must be servants. It is through service that we show and grow our love for others. People are not toys to just give us some pleasure or accomplish a goal. They have needs and desires; they live. They are our equals. It is through service and love for each other that we can heal the scars of our world and progress in virtue.  
With love,

N. D. Moharo

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