Friday, August 29, 2014

Revelation: A Quality of a Strong Woman

Short revelation this time as I prepare my next letter.

I used to wonder "Why in the world would a girl stick with a guy who keeps on hurting her?" It made no sense. Then I realized, that is actually one of the great things of a woman, to be able to love even when it hurts. This quality is especially necessary for having children. After all, how many times in our childhood have we told our moms that we "hated" them, a woman who has 
sacrificed so much out of love? But they endure it and still love us. I know I don't want to hurt any girl I like but it will inadvertently happen, because we are human and hurt even when we intend to help. If it wasn't for that quality of enduring love in women, we'd be screwed. If she only cries and then forgives, she is truly the strong one. That said, I still want girls to start picking the guys who want to treat them right in the first place. That would so help eliminate the number of jerks in the world when guys realize they have to be nice.

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