Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comprehension Prompt

Hello Everyone,
    I tried to write a letter concerning the subject of comprehension, but it did not turn out well. My ideas are far too disjointed despite how often I dwell on the subject. All I have for you are two different quotes to ponder. The first I consider when I listen to foreign music. The second is for puzzles.

"The voice is a great instrument and each word is a key"

"The trick to understanding a paradox is to figure how it fits together"

I think of the second especially when people spend so much energy focusing on how something does not fit together. If something was said, then the person who said it was able to find a connection. The question is if we would stop focusing on how it does not work but instead on what could be the connection. Sometimes the hint is who it is addressed to while other times it can be synonyms, but there is a connection.

Happy thinking,
N. D. Moharo  

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