Friday, May 2, 2014

Value the Present

Dear Readers
                It could be said the perception of time is an inverse correlation to our age; the older we grow, the faster it flies by. Memory tends to compress our experience by summarizing the long and boring parts while highlighted the exciting times. Though the perception of time can also change depending on how we look to the future. If we dread something, it seems to come faster, but if we look forward to it, then it goes by slowly; both appear to be crafted to make us miserable.
                However, we are able to enjoy the present. When we focus nostalgically on the past, or hopefully look to the future, we ignore the present joys to be found. It is like a Christmas present that is good, maybe not what we were hoping for, but once we learn to appreciate it, then we acknowledge its goodness.  
                Students, now is the time when people graduate. Value the time with your friends before you reach the point where you may never see them again. Do not waste the time you have free, because there will soon be none.
                My dear brothers and sisters of the world, let us not dwell on the past that we drown in sadness. Let us not look so far into the future that we neglect our current graces. Life is now and a gift; that is why it is appropriate to call it The Present. There are joys and sorrows, peace and worries, love and hate, but this is life. Let us enjoy it.

N.D. Moharo

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