Thursday, April 24, 2014

Corrupting the Youth

Dear readers,
                Sometimes, I need to ask, “Are adults stupid?” and then I have to reply, “Yes, we sometimes are.”  We might call stupidity something “childish” or “things teenagers do,” but adults can be the worse. Is it in a child’s nature to hate? Is it in a child’s nature to insult? No, when a child says something bad or inappropriate, we teach them that it is so. They don’t know what is bad and what isn’t. A child might learn to swear from another child, but eventually it traces back to an adult. Adults are the ones who it is okay to swear in the first place. Adults are the ones who make movies or write books with inappropriate content. Adults are the ones who post horrible stuff on the internet. Adults are the ones that make advertising saying we can’t be satisfied with the good things we have. Children are not capable of this stuff unless we teach them and give them the power. So yes, we are incredibly stupid.
                The funny thing is that we fight for the right to corrupt children. Does a child think about sex? Definitely not before puberty, but we teach them about it in elementary school. If they are not taught, then they are “sheltered” as if it’s a bad thing. Those who fight to censor inappropriate content are labeled against “free speech.” Censorship does have its place. It helps protect the integrity of an innocent human mind as they grow to become strong and stable. You wouldn’t give toxic water to a growing flower in your garden. You want to give the best water to make the flower the best it can be. Likewise, children should be given the stories of virtues so that they can grow to be the best men or women they can be. Sometimes when a plant is weak, you give it a crutch so it can recover and grow strong. If crows come to eat the flower, then you, the gardener should come out and scare away the crows. If a flower is more precious to you than a child, then you have been severely corrupted and not fit to raise one.
                Would you wish to teach yourself hatred?  What good has it done for you? It only causes pain. The only thing beneficial to hate is evil itself. Would you teach yourself to talk disrespectfully? That is probably the first thing we do unconsciously. We teach children that when we want to be taken seriously and to listen to what we say, we need to yell or be angry. After all, that’s what parents do when they scold their children.  Is it any surprise that when we argue, that is the tone we adopt? I realized this as I talked to my mother. If I argue with my lovely significant other, I try to stay calm and simply converse. However, when my mother called, she took on a lecturing tone about something she did not like and my voice followed along the tone she established. So yes, we teach disrespect to others and we are stupid.
                So let us throw away our stupidity. Let us stop breeding the evils in our world. We only make it worse. This is why we need positive role models. We need virtue to be highlighted and praised, not condemned. If we do this, we can make a better world than what we have today.

N.D. Moharo

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