Friday, May 16, 2014

To the Graduate: Transitioning

To the Graduates,
                Now is a time of change. No longer will your life be fully planned. No longer will your future be so determined. The leash has been released. Will you go home as a dog with no other purpose? Will you wander aimlessly as a stray? Or will you pursue a path to live?
                Transitions happen all the time in life, some where they are planned like graduation, some where there can be no preparing, like an unexpected death in the family. It every case, it is the same; there is no going back. We can only move forward, but how we do is our choice. Do we accept the opportunities presented to us? Must we seek the opportunities buried deep in the ground? Or shall we create the opportunity and run with it? In every transition, there is a choice whether to accept the change and move forward or not. I ask you to move forward and live.
N.D. Moharo

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