Friday, May 9, 2014

Chasing Love

My friends,
                Recently, I received a quote from my lovely significant other. It was a quote from Lord Byron saying, “In her first passion a woman loves her lover. In all the others, all she loves is love.” She asked me to help interpret its meaning and it got me thinking. Perhaps society today has trained people to love the idea of love instead of the people they should love.
                My beautiful friend told me a friend of hers had recently broken up with her boyfriend but now has another. The shortness of time has had me worried that the quote applied to her. She truly did love the first, but when they broke up, I worried she acted in haste to find another instead of letting it develop. I do hope that her current relationship is good, but nonetheless I am worried.
                If all we do is seek the idea of love, how will we know when we have it? Will we be blind in our desperation? I do not think it is necessary to have actually loved to be caught up in this. There are plenty of movies and friends who show us a concept of love even if it is not perfect. We should not be so desperate, for if we act only in desperation, the “love” that we cling to will likely fall apart.
                To find real love, we must first focus ourselves to learn what it means to truly love. We must learn to truly care for another person, for his or her own good. As long both parties consider the other more important, there is a strong foundation for a good relationship.

With Love,
N.D. Moharo

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