Friday, May 30, 2014

Support the Local Arts

My dear readers,
                I must start off with pointing your attention elsewhere. J.D. Nyle over at his recently launched blog has begun serializing his story Neostriker: Shining. Now I will admit that I have been a part of the process for the development of his story. I cannot say it is great, but I do like some of the ideas in the story and I think the right kind of audience would appreciate it as well. I certainly enjoyed the second half far more than the first. I would also say the writing drastically improves then but that is only my opinion. Mr. Nyle says the story was written as a tribute to the development of his Neostriker series as well as a tribute to the various series that have played a role in inspiring it. I know Mr. Nyle hopes this will help him build an audience to whom he can eventually release his next work for. So I ask you to support him in his efforts. If you can think of people who might enjoy it, I ask you to spread the word on Mr. Nyle’s behalf. Thank you.
                Now, the whole thing above is the inspiration for this week’s topic. I believe it is very important to support the local arts. A society is built upon the use and study of the sciences, but a sign of when it thrives is the presence of its arts. Arts help convey the values of a society as well as say when it is doing well. This is why the arts flourish in prosperous times.  
                However, art does not simply appear out of thin air. While talent grants a nice jumpstart, it has its limits. A lot of great art, whether in paintings, music, crafts, or anything else comes from practice and work. Some may argue that great artists don’t practice. I, on the other hand, argue contrary. I believe that each work of art is practice, whether the artist sees it that way or not is a different story. Either way, when I hear how some simple pieces of art can take its skilled artists over 3 hours to make, I definitely will say that it took a lot of work; far more than I would give.
                As a result of the work it takes, I encourage you to support the artists from the beginnings. They may not be perfect, and they may simply play covers of popular songs or repaint the Mona Lisa. However, just the effort itself is something worth praising. And simply to receive some recognition and praise can help push an artist to become the best he or she can be.
                I recall one day as I sat outside a movie theater waiting. On a bench across from me, I saw a man playing a saxophone. It was actually very pleasant to listen to and others agreed by giving him money. Unfortunately, the mall security came by and forced him to stop. While I could partially understand why, I was very disappointed. Hearing simple music in the air helped establish some life in the environment. It was not overbearing, but acted simply to add something nice to people’s ears as they pleasantly conversed.
                I have to admit, sometimes the stuff I see makes me very much depressed. But when I see some nice music played by happy artists, it totally makes me believe in society again. This is one reason why I’m a fan of the Lindsey Stirling videos Electric Daisy and Spontaneous Me. The music is great, but the dancing completes it and brightens my mood. I hope more people are inspired and allowed to play like that and I think we should provide environments where they can be free to do so.

N.D. Moharo

P.S. You can find the story at   

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