Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

To the Poor, Rich, and everyone in between,
    You have likely heard the phrase "money is the root of all evil." Is this true? Not of itself, but it certainly is the root of many evils. Money by its nature is good. It helps us haggle and make smooth transactions. We don't have to make too obscure contracts and complex trades for simple things. In truth, it grants power and that's where things can start going wrong.
    So money is not the real root of evil, but the love of money to the point that it becomes god is evil. Money is power, but power corrupts. Have a lot of money and you can have more corruption. The reason for this corruption is because of temptations. Temptations don't necessarily arise by what you can do, but what you think you can do. So the more power you think you have, the more evils you can think about doing. This is why people who inherit a lot of wealth suddenly have troubles. It takes a lot of virtue to be able to withstand the flood of temptations that comes with wealth.

    So that is one reason for the argument about money being evil. Another stems from a similar vein. When money is your god, you seek it by all means. You will murder, steal, and corrupt others for this gain. That spread of corruption multiplies and leads to suffering and death all around. Not only that, but you will enslave others for your own gain.

    How does money multiply corruption? It helps to recognize the true root of all evil, selfishness. Selfishness is essentially making yourself god, with the idea that everyone is to serve you. It manifests itself initially with internal conflict. By throwing your passions out of control, it promises to put it in balance, but actually makes it worse.
    So money spreads corruption by creating an imbalance of passions in everyone it can. It purposefully creates conflict in some way or another. It creates needs that didn't exist by making people selfish instead of loving. It does this through advertisements, entertainment, and societal chaos. Why does evil exist? Because it fights really hard to maintain its power. It tries to convince us that it is good, despite all of the harm it causes.

    Is there an antidote? Yes, and corruption knows about it and has tried to destroy it at all costs and by any method it can. True Love is the antidote and how society can become perfect. It's the True Religion I've advocated before. It is the perfection of all virtues and is strong enough to withstand corruption. This is how families and loved ones can not only grow, but thrive in a safe environment. It creates peace and and justice. Can you imagine the Middle East and Africa finally being at peace? True Love is the religion they need, not money. America may not be a religious nation, but the Founding Fathers did recognize that good virtues were beneficial to society. It is why we have hospitals, libraries, public schools, universities, orphanages, shelters, etc. These were advocated by those who had love for others. Let us take back control of our society and continue their legacy by practicing True Love.

With Love,
N. D. Moharo

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