Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Religion of True Love

Dearly Beloved,
    I have written to you many times about True Love and that it is the perfect Religion. I have shown that religion is often the scapegoat of politics and selfishness. I will also explain the error in the error of logic in the religious extremists, as well as why people convert in the future. So how is True Love the perfect Religion?
    When I'm talking about religion here, I'm meaning that I want for you to make True Love the most important thing in your life. We often have a habit of turning immaterial things into our idols, but they don't satisfy us. But True Love will satisfy and make us perfect, though it may take a while as selfish desires can be difficult to break.
    There are two important teachings of the Religion of True Love and they are the same two from the Judeo-Christian tradition. The first is "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength (Deut. 6:5)." When your god is True Love in its purity, shouldn't it be easy to love it? It's also easy to see that every sin is one that attacks love. It makes morality much easier to grasp again.
    The second teaching was "You shall love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:28-31; Lev. 19:18)." However, that teaching is actually superseded and made perfect in "Love one another as I have loved you" from the Christian tradition. This might be hard to understand without background in what this meant so let me explain that to you.
    In the Christian mythology, the love of Jesus is that he willingly died for his friends and those who hated him. Even praying forgiveness for those who unjustly killed him. He's supposed to be God, but he humbled himself to die a tortuous death to show his love for everyone. I cannot find any love more perfect than that. I'm probably still at the level of "love your neighbor as yourself," but that's okay. It's a good starting point and I have the rest of my life to work towards that perfection.
    Is this perfection possible? Yes. Testimonies from many generations of peoples show that there are quite a few who reach this high level of love. You do not have to die in order to reach this level of love. But you do need to live in love. When everything you do is with true love in your heart, made greater through humility, then you've reached the highest a man can.

    Now belief in there being a god is an interesting thing. You first need to figure out the proper idea of what it means to be a god. After that, proving the existence or non-existence is almost impossible because we can doubt. However, Art, technology, and even video games show that the existence of a god is certainly reasonable while explaining why we might doubt. Of course, there are also the famous Five Proofs  that argue for the existence of a god. If anything, it is more reasonable that there is a god than there isn't. This is because you can never prove that there isn't a god, only that our concepts of god are wrong.
    Another point to consider is "who is telling you there is no god?" It is likely the corrupt world, because it knows the real belief in a good god is opposed to corruption. When your God is True Love, you will seek to become True Love itself as well. You will do everything you can to serve this Love and that can only result in us becoming better people. So even if this concept of god is a lie, it is the greatest and only lie worth believing in, because we become better people.
    Now if you are wondering which concept of god to believe in, I have two requirements. First is that the concept is logical and plausible. The second is that its nature is True Love in its purity. While the second technically does not have to be true, it's the one worth believing in. This is because it is plausible that our creator is a masochist, but that wouldn't make us better people. Also, if our creator truly was a masochist, by us being good, we'd actually be better than our creator, which is something we could be prideful for (and also happens to be the plot twist of a certain video game that got me thinking about this).
    You may wonder if I'm asking for you to convert to Christianity. The answer is I am asking Christians to convert as well as the rest of the world. Jesus preached a gospel about a God of True Love, but many Christians today have accepted a God of Selfishness. I want them to find the God who is both Truth and True Love, because Truth is only thing that is perfectly logical and True Love is the source of all goodness. That is a God worth believing in. And when you have a god that shows the best example of love possible, you cannot find anything better. When you accept this, it is the spark of a fire of love. This is the God who can inspire us to become perfect.

With Love,
N. D. Moharo

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