Monday, September 15, 2014

Misunderstanding and Creation

Dear Readers,
    Last week, J. D. Nyle posted a letter which mentioned a little bit about his development of his story. In that letter, he made a comment that misunderstandings helped spur his imagination. I find this interesting as I personally do not like being misunderstood. However, I can see how not properly understanding an element can lead to creativity.
    A while back, I wrote a letter about creativity and originality. There, I mention that an artist can only use what he is given. The imagination naturally only uses what it has seen. Misunderstanding how something is supposed to be grants a layer of freedom for creativity. It paves a new path for understanding how something could work. Even after he comes to understand something properly, the experience with his own development is invaluable. It could be said that whatever he made from that mistake is his own creation.
    So I tell you that it is alright to not understand something right away. The process of developing an idea is one of the best inspirations for creativity.

N. D. Moharo

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