Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Idealogy

Dear Readers,
                I write to you to explain how my mind works. Some have commented that I appear to be conservative, though conservatives probably would not accept me either. I do not consider myself liberal or conservative but third ideology that takes from both.  If I were tasked to give a definition for what one thinks of the other, I would say a conservative is “paranoid” and a liberal is a “fool.” These represent the extremes of those ideals and how each party views the other.
                I caution against this view, for while it is true to some, not all fall under these scopes. If I were tasked to define each party according to their own view, a conservative would be “concerned” and liberal would be a “risk taker.” Both of these definitions fall within a realm of reason and both are necessary for the world. Thanks to the concerned, people are safer and many live. Thanks to the risk takers, there is progress. But when taken to the extreme, the world becomes hell. When the concerned become paranoid, people die. When the risk takers become fools, progress is lost. We should do our best to avoid giving power to these two extremes.
                My ideology is something I would like to call “Realistic Idealism,” however I believe that has been taken by someone and I do not grasp if their ideas are the same as mine. So as a result I simply describe my thoughts as “Idealism with relation to Reality.” An example of this is I believe everyone is capable of doing good deeds, but I know that not everyone will do them. 
                One of my core ideas is to true everyone with a basic human respect. Unfortunately, I’ve found this means different things to different people so that is a topic for another time.  However, I hold it is important that we stay far away from hate. While I may find something morally wrong, I will not hate someone for disagreeing with me. For example, if you were to say pornography was good and makes you happy, I will not hate you, but simply request you do nothing pertaining to it when around me. If you ask my opinion on the matter, I will give it while trying to avoid condemning you. If you say killing a perfectly healthy and innocent baby is okay, I will definitely not vote for you, but I’m not going to burn your house over it. I would prefer a civil discussion because that is the ideal way for humans to interact.
                So I ask you my friends, for unless you purposely attack me in some way, I hold nothing against you, to consider what it means to have an ideology. Then I ask you to consider your own views and see if they are consistent not only with itself, but with what is good. I believe that if we think about it more and civilly converse with others, we can make progress in our political world if not our everyday life.

N.D. Moharo

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