Friday, March 28, 2014

Environmental Plea

My Dear Fellow Earth-dwellers,
                We, as humans are free, and freedom is a great power, but also a great responsibility. We are free to do what we want, but are responsible for those actions. With our economic ideas, we have to power to buy and therefore do what we want. We mistakenly think that what we do does not matter. However, I plead with you to respect the Earth that keeps you alive.
                Many cultures refer to Earth as a Mother, for which they are right. However, people are also right to call us parasites. The Earth provides its resources to keep its children (us) alive. But if we waste the resources, then we are parasites, killing the life of the Earth, which in turn will kill us. But if instead we grow up to take care of our Mother, then we are children, not parasites.
                I say it is fair to the Earth is a parent. When we do bad things, Nature occasionally comes and disciplines us. Other times, it allows us to learn from our mistakes or see how it offends her. Yes, the good children would see how it offends their mother and stop, rather than continually making it worse.
                People have rights. Rights are the things that we hold dear. However, we mistake what it means for something to be a right. Rights are powers meant for the perfection of a human being and society. Now while we have a right to purchase things, we do not have a right to waste. Wasting resources does not help anyone nor society, hence why it’s called waste.
                A parent should know how it feels to give your child something you worked hard to prepare, only to have it thrown away. It’s one of the things people dislike about kids, so why should we act that way?
                Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to make people conscious about the environment is to make them pay for it. If someone asks why they should pay money to use resources, the answer is fair. If we use up all of the resources, the later generations are going to have to suffer and pay even more, even though we are the ones responsible. So if we are going to use the Earth’s resources, we need to somehow repay with our own. Let us please our Mother Earth and use her gifts responsibly, not to waste but recycle as much as we can and turn off lights not in use.
N.D. Moharo

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