Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Write a Blog?

                I’m guessing that anyone who is reading this blog might wonder why I am writing it. Why should I waste my time posting something that people are most likely not going to read? Shouldn’t I be doing something more productive?
                The answer to the first question is “because it’s a good thing to do.” It doesn’t matter so much that other people read it as much as I write it. If I don’t write this ideas or observations, then how can people read it? It doesn’t matter if only one person looks at these as much as it gets that one person to think about something good and might inspire him or her to do something good. It’s almost like in Saving Private Ryan where the commander is saying, “This guy better find a cure or something” when they are sacrificing so much to save one man. I can put in a lot of effort, but if some person can take that effort and do something remarkable, then wouldn’t that be worth it?
So why write them? I can speak these ideas to different people if I wanted to spread my thoughts. The problem with that is it only relies on word of mouth and that someone doesn’t forget. By having a source, people can refer to other people where the idea is talked about.
At the same time, writing a blog isn’t just for anyone, but also myself. There have been a few times when I have talked to people where I refer to my own writings to recall how I thought of a point. Sometimes the answer surprises me and I think I was mistaken. Other times, I see the logic and can make a valid argument. By writing these posts, I am helping myself. I am analyzing things and, later on, can reexamine them after more experiences. That is something productive and why I write a blog.

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