Saturday, October 12, 2013

Power Equality

It’s something talked about time and time again. Who’s in charge? Then it becomes who should be in charge? Unfortunately, we have a problem when addressing the second question. People look at a general pattern and say it should be different. Men, women, White, Black, Asian. None of those truly matter, but people argue about it like crazy. I was just talking with some girl who made the declaration, “Put women in charge!”
                The biggest problem with that kind of mentality is that it will never fix the core problems. Some people may think that is a big step for equality, but it won’t do anything. As long as you are thinking, “Only if someone of my race or gender was in control will there be equality” there won’t. That statement still invokes inequality based on something that does not matter. I don’t care if a man or woman, who is White, Asian, Latino, etc. is put in charge. What I do care about is the policies they represent. If one is advocating some certain group’s “superiority”, then he or she is not one to vote for, especially if we want equality.
                I saw an ad campaign that said to vote for three people for judge positions and one of the “biggest” reasons given was that they were women. Until then, I did not notice that fact, but because they mentioned it, I started to think, “They are trying to hide something, because that is not a valid reason.” It was a technique trying to evoke the “loyalty” of a particular group, in this case, women. This happened also for Obama. I noticed a few people voting for him just because he was “black”.
                If people want peace and true equality, these mentalities have to go. To promote your own race or gender is divisive. Let’s instead focus on finding the people who actually mean equality. The funny thing is that they may be the people not running on it.

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