Monday, March 4, 2013

Using Pennies

                In a society like America where most people use credit cards for most things, cash can be a real challenge, especially pennies. A lot of people see these little things as worthless. However, it is actually quite easy for these to accumulate and become worth something. I remember quite a few occasions where I discarded a few pennies thinking they were worthless only to realize later that it was all I needed to buy the item I needed.
                The way to use pennies and keep them from building up is simple. Take four pennies whenever you go out with cash. It’s just four lightweight coins. In fact, sometimes they can be used for entertainment while waiting or help you decide on something. If you add a nickel, you’ll be even better off. Since your bill will most always come out to have 1-9 in the one’s place, you’ll use them. Not only does it make it easier for the cashier, the cashier probably wants the pennies! Since they have to give them out all the time, they run out fast and slow things down.   
                Now, if you are still going to discard them (some people just throw them in the trash), do it charitably. A penny may be worthless here, but it is worth quite a bit somewhere else. In fact, the amount of pennies thrown away by 500 people could feed some families. I’ve seen the results myself.

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