Monday, February 25, 2013

Hating the Sin, Loving the Person

            As I was scrolling through facebook, I came across a friend’s post that mentioned the phrase, “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner.” It’s an interesting idea that got me thinking about what it could mean.
            What I understand from this is that despite disagreeing with a person’s actions or ideas, we should still care and treat him or her with respect. We can argue and debate, but we should do with in mind that he or she is a human like us.
Some people say that it is not possible to love a person while rejecting or ideas or actions. I would have to disagree because that would lead us to a pretty bad situation. For if someone disagrees with me saying that it is not possible, then that person would be obligated to hate me simply because of my opposing position on just an idea. If we know one thing, it should be that the world does not need more hate.
           To take the path even further, we would be obligated to hate everyone because I have yet to find one person who completely agrees with everything I think and do. We are humans and unique. We have differing opinions on many things, yet we love some of these peoples at the same time. In another case, if we truly believe that everything we think is true and anything against it is evil, then we can never progress unless by chance the person with the “right” ideals is given power.
          An example of loving the person but hating the sin would be a man who commits a crime. Many would hate the action and preach against it, but a lot of those same people will still protest if the culprit was given cruel and unusual punishment.
          Humans are interesting because they can commit so many evils and atrocities, but still have the capacity to do good. Some of the best people in history are the ones who look back on their past, hate the evils they have done, and work to aid the lives of others. However, if there is no one to disagree or tell you when you are doing something wrong (and do it with love), then you’ll only go longer causing harm. We shouldn’t demote ourselves to the situation where we disarm the good people from instructing others. Like said in Batman Begins, “What hope does Gotham have when the good people do nothing?”  

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