Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I Like Autumn

Autumn is a season of colors. The leaves change from green to yellow to red, but not all at the same time. It is a marvelous season and has grown on me over the years. The change in the trees and the air around brings about many wonderful things.

The weather is not as hot or humid like Summer, nor is it cold as Winter. The temperature is just about right. It flexes between the two extremes, but generally stays around the middle. The wind caused by this change can cause a glorious feeling and appreciation. One can be amused watching the leaves fall gently or spinning around in a circle like a little cyclone.

Of course the combination of the wind and change in leaves brings a sad future, the nakedness of the trees. But that isn’t all too gloomy, for we know it won’t be long that they will grow back, and when they do, we’ll appreciate them again.

Some people would say Summer is their favorite season. Generally this means you asked children. The biggest reason is having no school. This becomes less of a factor as one ages because summer vacation shrinks to no existence unless you became a teacher. I guess that’s why Autumn grows on me, because Summer is less appealing.

However, perhaps the biggest reason I love Autumn is because of clothes. The change in weather causes perhaps something better for society. Not only can I pull out a cool jacket or sweatshirt, but women have to put more clothes on! Believe me, over summer, you can discover that clothes were made because there are people who would look horrible without them. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but that’s a fact.

On a different side of things, more clothing means more modesty for our women. Of course some people might cry out that they like the less clothing, but then you should realize that either they like being slutty or they are guys who just want to look at girls for pleasure. Either way, it is better that the weather cools down.

Since the girls are wearing far more modest clothing, it’s easier to respect them as human beings, at least on the guy’s side. Besides, some outfits are actually nicer in the fall than in the summer. The difference here is that the women are dressing to be more beautiful and not so much hot. There is a difference. On only needs to consider how the terms are used. “Hot” is generally for those incite sexual appeal. Therefore they are only sex objects and not really respected at all. On the other hand, “Beautiful” can be used respectably and not for sexual intentions. Note that a modest casual dress can make a girl more beautiful, but not necessarily more hot. There might be some overlap, but they are not the same thing.

The Fall Fashion, being more modest than Summer, also makes it easier for men to focus on the woman herself instead of her body. The fashion complements her form but doesn’t distract from her face. If the clothes were taken away, most women would look the same with just a variety of skin tones and measurements. Only the face would be unique. But of course, the rest of the body would distract from the face. The first step of having a respectable relationship is being able to look face to face.

Autumn is a beautiful season. The leaves change to glorious colors, and the wind can be gentle at times. Rain can fall after a dry summer heat. The weather is cool and comfortable. Last of all, women dress better. All of these things make Autumn a great season for me.

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