Monday, October 22, 2012

First Blog

I've passed the first step in having a blog; make one. I've never written a blog before. I guess my grammar skills, or lack there of, have something to do with that. However, I believe a blog might just be the best way to write my opinions. I tried Facebook, but people don't really care about opinions there. They only want happy stories or fun posts. If you get philosophical, they isolate you. Besides,  you are limited to the friends you add, unless you go public. I don't want my private life public. So I decided to separate my opinions and observations from personal stuff and write this blog that is open to the public.

Blogs are intriguing since they are sort of like a public journal, except the people reading may not know who you are. This grants a level of security which allows bloggers to give their opinions. It's not always the case, but the possibility is there.

I guess I should explain the other reason why I am writing this blog. My plan is to write a book concerning the problems I observe in our society. It will be a book where it shows another view or explanation that people seem to ignore. That is also what this blog will do, but I fear that since blogs are free and online, people won't read it as easily. I've noticed that it's just easier if the book is in your hand to read. However, publication is tricky and hard work. We'll see how it goes. If that fails, then maybe I'll just publish the material in this blog.

By the way, check out the Facebook page I started a while back. I know it has only a few people liking it, but one thing that I think Facebook is good for is the little thoughts or quotes I have. I'm thinking that I will post some quotes and then the blog will be where I go into detail or write the longer observations. The link is The profile pic is a quote that says, "Philosophy simply seeks the Truth because the Truth is worth it."

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