Friday, April 28, 2017


My dear child,
     I can remember holding you as a baby and watching you squirm around in my arms, trying to see the world. However, I would hold you even tighter. At first, you may have thought that I should let you do whatever, but for your safety, to prevent you from falling 4 feet head-first to the ground, I held you firmly. I did this because of my love for you.
     Seeing that made me consider how we might try to break free of our moral constraints, thinking that it impedes our "freedom". However, that is not the case, but rather the opposite. If we even start to go down the wrong path, our freedom can be lost. Consider any addiction is that once you taste it, just once, you will always suffer from it. Just like if I allowed you to fall, you could have died or at permanently injure yourself.
     I do admit that at some point, I must allow you to take up your own responsibility. You can say that is when you are "Free." Freedom doesn't mean doing whatever you want, but being responsible for whatever you do. If someone is forced to do something, he isn't responsible for the action.
    Now responsibility is not an evil thing, but rather an aspect of justice. It identifies that if something goes wrong, who is the person who must answer for it and try to set it back in order. If people are not responsible, then our ability to grow will be hindered as our lives become overwhelmed with fear. Likewise, if we allow evil to thrive, then our freedom to become perfect is threatened. The point of freedom is to allow you to become perfect; to become the hero whose core is love for goodness and others. All evil actions, however, act against that goal, both for yourself and those around you by increasing selfishness. Therefore, if you wish to protect freedom, you must work to prevent people from being legally able to do wicked deeds. You could argue that this is an obligation, but I rather you look at this as an act of love for others, just as I look at my responsibility of protecting you as an act of love for you.

With Love,
N. D. Moharo

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