Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Post 2016

To all,
    Now Christmas is of a season of love. Though if there is anything a dictionary can teach us, words can have multiple meanings. As your Christmas present, here are four meanings we may be using when we say we love someone.

1) We greatly care for someone.
2) We are greatly similar to someone.
3) We greatly admire someone.
4) We greatly desire being with someone.

I use these meanings to form the basis of Love Tanks, meaning these four definitions need to be satisfied for a person to feel loved.

Now to fill the Love Tanks, you must speak one of the Love Languages. You can do Acts of Service, Give Gifts, Spend Quality Time, Speak Words of Affirmation, or Physical Contact (like hugs). Since each person speaks different languages primarily, you need to do figure which one they receive best. My theory is that the language they want the most relates the the definition of love they feel they are lacking the most. Here's a chart from the perspective of receiving the love language

So this Chrsitmas, if you couldn't figure what to give someone, try another language because love is the best gift we can give.

Merry Christmas!
N. D. Moharo

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