Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Warning about "Friends"

To Those with Frenemies,
    While everyone is giving Daisy Ridley advice about life and fame, I might as well chip in: Beware of the Entourage! Why? "Be careful of who your friends are" because "a friend is another self." The moment when you are first friends with someone is when they comment that they like something and you say, "you too?!" This is because friendship is built on common ground and your best friends are the ones you share a lot in common. This is also part of the reason why your spouse does not need to be your best friend despite what young people say on social media.
     That sort of example of a group voicing their thoughts is exactly why the entourage is so dangerous. If your crowd of "friends" are all bad examples, then you will become a bad example yourself. Is it possible to overcome this? Yes, but that is dangerous in itself because you risk becoming too prideful. What I mean is that it's only possible if you have a very strong spirit and stick to ground.
    My father would often say that he was proud that I knew how to pick friends. It's not exactly that I didn't hang out with "bad friends", but I was the leader who generally decided what would be done. I was also the one who would determine what was appropriate to do. Age was probably part of the reason why I was able to do this. The combination of Sanguine and Choleric (Fun and Leadership) blood was also likely beneficial. However, the core was that I stuck to my core values and was respected for it. Even in college, I didn't have to say anything for my friends and roommates to know what I would watch with them and what would cause me to leave.
    That ability to leave is powerful and is probably the best way that show you are above the influence. If my friends did something I really didn't like, such as gossiping and talking bad about "friends" behind their backs, I would just leave and find another group to hang with. That's how you find out who are your friends and who is just trying to control you. Eventually, only those who really want to be your friend will come and follow you, and to be honest, you really only need maybe 3 good friends to be happy with life. It's fine to have lots of friends, but very rarely would you have more than 5 good friends. There's no need to worry because it's not the numbers that matters but the quality of those few friendships. If you can find good friends, those who encourage virtue and love you as a friend, then there's hope that you can survive even fame and fortune.

With Love,
N. D. Moharo

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