Thursday, March 26, 2015

Concerning Assisted Suicide

To the People,
    Evil never rests. As we speak, another grave evil is trying to make its way towards legalization and that evil is Assisted Suicide. Currently promoted by the organization Compassion&Choices (another organization with a misleading name), the idea is to legalize assisted suicide. I could argue in terms of morality why this should never be allowed to be made legal. Today, however, I shall try to appeal more to your social conscience and reason.
    Note that I began by addressing "the People." The word people is a collective noun, meaning it takes a group and unites them as one. This is the nature of society as it is made of up many various people but still one. That means if a part of society is being threatened, then all of society is being threatened. In case you believe the lie that the United States is an Individualistic Society, let me emphasize how false that is. Political motions are done through groups. Racism and Sexism show we judge individuals through groups. We sue corporations for actions of individual workers. People have a tendency to not act unless they are part of a group. Clicks are unfortunately very common. Also, we hate the idea of dictatorship where choices are made by an individual.
    Now that I've cleared up that idea, let me show you another nature of society. Society, by its nature, is made up of strong and weak. In a world where only the strong live, there wouldn't be a world. Everyone is weak at some point or another. Even if not physically weak, we become mentally or spiritually weak. People in all three stages are vulnerable and, as a society, we are required to protect them. Forget about Russia, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda for a second. If we allow such legislation to pass, America will destroy America. ISIS will not have to do a thing.
     Here are some of the consequences if we allow for legal Assisted Suicide
  • That will be one more thing doctors will be known for Death instead of Life: Holland already has a special mobile unit to make house calls to kill people. Why should we trust doctors anymore if they aren't concerned for trying to save a life? Anti-vaccine movements will also gain momentum as they won't be able to trust their doctors.
  • We tell our future generations that it is okay to commit suicide: And YES, that undermines ALL EFFORTS for Suicide Prevention! Were you sad to hear about Robin William's suicide? Prepare for more of that.
  • In one way or another, people will be forced to commit suicide: When an "option" is given, pressure is built to force people to take that option. I shouldn't have to point out that there are many women who are pressured or forced to have an abortion against their will, but there are. Some mothers have to seek sanctuary in clinics to protect them from their parents or abusive boyfriends and others who threaten they will stop loving them (which of course indicates they don't love them anyways). This is why some clinics are very selective in who they allow to work for them as the mother's identities and location need to be kept secret. Now for cases concerning Assisted Suicide. Older generations as well as the weak and disabled youth will be pressured because they will be considered a "burden". There is also a story where a woman found that her insurance company would pay for her assisted suicide rather than for treatment. 
  • The Death Penalty will never be taken away: After all, how is it we can kill ourselves, but not people guilty of heinous crimes such as mass murder? I'm personally torn on the issue as I can understand its purpose. On the other hand, I think J. D. Nyle brings up some good points in his short story even though I doubt that was his intent.
  • Health Care will never improve: Health care improvements are made to accommodate the weak and elderly. If the demand is negated by the suicides of these people, investments in improved technology will decrease as both governments and private corporations will find less of a impulse to invest.
  • Jobs will be lost: Can you imagine how many jobs are made because of the weak and elderly? Caregivers, teachers, programmers, and researchers all have jobs thanks to the market of the elderly and disabled. Job competition is already fierce, are you prepared to make it worse? 
  • We promote a more selfish culture: Seriously, our parents spent years raising us. Mothers carried us in their belly for 9 months and went through perhaps the most painful experience. And, unless you are somehow an angel (who would also never consider assisted suicide), you repaid all of this with disrespect and occasional hatred. There is no just reason you cannot take care of them when they are old or weak.
  • Who's asking for this? Who benefits from this? Certainly not the people whose lives are concerned. After all, if they want to commit suicide, they can easily do so. The fact that they would feel a need for "assistance" to commit suicide indicates they still desire life. My guess is that the people who want this are some insurance companies and the greedy or selfish family members. 
  • Another method for murder. By making these "prescriptions" more easily accessible, that means people can request them and then use them to commit murder and try to obscure it by claiming "they wanted it". Of course, in my opinion, it's always murder.
  • Doctors bring Despair, not Hope. Doctors already are known for being the ones who tell you when you are going to die. However, it is possible to interpret that as a warning sign to get your life back in order. Besides, not all doctor predictions are accurate. Someone who was told 6 months can still have 6 years. Secondly, if you despair because you are told you are going to die, let me tell you something, everyone will die. Some people would love to have an idea of how long they have to live. If you despair because you found out, then you should really think about your life and how you can make the most of it.
  • Society will have even less Compassion. What are we telling the disabled? What are we telling their parent? That it's okay to kill their children? Disabled children actually bring more love into the world as those who embrace them truly grow to care and love others. However, if we give horrible parents an opportunity to kill their children (either through force or pressure), these seeds of love will only wasted

If you live in California, tell your Senator to vote against the legalization of Assisted Suicide. Here are a list of a few Senators who were listed as co-authors. I probably don't need to point out that they are all Democrats. However, this is something you will need to consider when the next election comes near.

California Assisted Suicide Senate and Assembly Supporters 
Hannah Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), Marty Block (D-San Diego), Isadore Hall (D-Inglewood,) Lonnie Hancock (D-Berkeley), Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina) Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg), and Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont); and they are joined by Assembly Members: Kansen Chu (D-Sacramento), Jim Cooper (D-9th district), Jim Frazier (D-11th district), Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens), Bill Quirk (D-Hayward), and Mark Stone (D-Scotts Valley).

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