Friday, June 20, 2014


    This week, I do not have a letter for you all. Instead, I have an observation essay that likely will not be well-written. I also might readdress the topic at a later date. 
    Last week, I wrote “so-called American Revolution.” The basis for that phrase was based off the perspective of people who would say nothing changed. The slaves were still slaves, women could not vote, etc. However, on the other side, the government changed. The roles of the former colonists were given more rights. Also, the American Revolution started something, the French Revolution being part of it.
    So perspectives are important in making statements. It’s also important to determine which perspectives are valid for making a claim. Definitions are also interesting to consider. For example, are the changes I mention above a “fundamental change”? Personally, I don’t care to argue about that topic.  I care more about the ideas of perspectives.  For example, when someone uses a “racist” term, but a representative of the “offended” party says it was okay, does the opinion of the public matter?
    It is interesting that humans can care for things that do not concern us and not care for things that do concern us. The whole thing is a matter of perspective.

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