Sunday, November 24, 2013

Does Beer make People Fat?

I'm sure we all have heard of the term, "beer gut". Though I know next to nothing on how the body works with alcohol, I began to wonder.
One day, I met up with a guy I knew from college my freshman year. This guy was fit. Today, he has that beer gut. I asked if he was still exercising and he said he was. Now, some people associate the slowing of metabolism due to age. While that may be true, I would also think over-consumption of alcohol might have something to do with that. My reasoning is if alcohol can kill bacteria, and the metabolism is essentially that, then a lot of alcohol would probably damage it and hence slow it down a lot.

That's my thought of the day. I'm not an expert nor have I seen any studies to prove this theory, but maybe someone else can do that. They did it with smoking after all. 

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