Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Light of the World

               I heard someone speaking to a congregation say, “You are the Light of the World.” It’s somewhat a common phrase, mostly in Christian communities, but what does it mean? Perhaps the answer lies in examining what it means to be in the dark. 

I can say I’m in the dark when I don’t understand something. This phrase is in contrast to when I say, “I see” while finally understanding a concept or joke. When we don’t know something, we are like blind men, relying on others’ words for guidance and having to accept them on faith.

Another thing to consider is the idea of the world being “dark”. This can also mean different things but they are related. They are the world being full of crime and evil, fear, hate, and despair. Here, it can be argued that one follows the other. Crime can lead to fear which can turn to hatred and a lack of love can lead to despair. Despair is also the result of another path, the loss of hope in general. Without hope, the day is not bright but instead gloomy. There is nothing to look forward to. 

Being the Light of the World counters all of these. It grants wisdom to the ignorant. It fights crime with good, allowing us to be not afraid. It teaches us to love others. Most of all, it gives us hope! With hope, we hold optimism. We have something to look forward and work towards. The light of hope removes the blindfold of despair and permits us to see the good in things. 

Everyone has the power to hope and to spread it across the world. Those who shine are called Good Men and Women. The ones who shine the brightest have another name. They are called Heroes with a higher class being Saints. They teach us various things. They turn their back on evil while using their hands to help others. They love others at their own expense. We can see the darkness of evil in contrast to their light. They inspire in us hope. That is what it means to be the “Light of the World”.

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