Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Sample: Injuries

For this week, I decided to post a sample from the story I was talking about a long time ago. I've pretty much gave up on that project now. It wasn't one of my more important projects, just a quick one that I figured I could do until I gained enough experience for my other ones. Anyways, here's a sample from the female character this time.

Monday, 10/5/09 (Claire)
Dear Diary,
            Today was not a fun day. I haven’t really looked in the mirror. I don’t want to see that little shiner that bitch Alice gave me last night. It probably would have been okay if I had makeup to cover it up, but as I found out this morning, I didn’t. Kayla didn’t either since she uses only a little. She says her skin is allergic to most products. Anyways, I got up despite all desire to just lie in bed and cry.
I went to class hoping that no one would pay any attention to it and then something struck me. That is exactly what happened. I don’t know what is worse, to be asked about how I got the black eye and relive the horrible experience every time or to have no one even seem to care that I got one. It felt like no one cared about me.
The whole thing went on for a while. It wasn’t until Humanities that someone spoke up. I walked in with my head down, but then Adam, the guy who sits behind Kayla and me asked if I was okay. It felt kind of nice to have someone actually ask after worrying that I was going to be pestered about it. The thing is, he never asked about how I got it, he just showed concern over if I was okay. He even said he was going to go to the store later and asked if I needed anything to help the eye. I declined and then Kayla and the teacher came in and asked about the eye as well. It seems weird when the person who shows the most concern isn’t even really a friend, but I think maybe he’d be the type I would like to have as one now that I think about it.

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