Thursday, January 26, 2017

Theory: Why Men like Big Breasts

It is an assumption that men in general like women with big breasts. As a member of the male gender, I won't argue with the claim. However, I have wondered why breasts in a woman can arouse men. I don't know the answer, but I do have some theories.

One idea is the natural instinct of bigger breasts meaning more milk. While breast size is more about fat than milk production, I do think there is some credibility due to the fact that breasts can get bigger when breastfeeding. My wife has the stretch marks to prove it.

Another theory is impression. I noticed my son had his eyes open while breastfeeding. As such, the breasts would appear big to have as a baby and the breasts were bigger when he was breastfeeding. Hence, the perception of breasts being big when we were small and drinking the milk could influence our thoughts.

However, many children don't breastfeed. Why would they like big breasts? Possibly in combination with the previous point, they have seen big breasts often and this influenced their perception of beauty. If you remember my letter on beauty, we as children as easily impressionable and we still are as adults.

Another possibility is that breasts are smooth, soft, and springy. Men tend to like smooth and soft skin. Women's breasts are one area that naturally does not have hair. They also are soft, making like a nice pillow. As such, they appear to be nice to touch. In fact, some women liked having their breasts touched, even to the point that they get a high while breastfeeding. To be fair, it appears that some women like to touch breasts as well based off what I heard from female classmates.

There is also the bouncing element. Perhaps rooted in that we like bouncy things as children (the fastest way I found to calm an infant and the pure joy of a bounce house), breasts are something that we have the impression of being able to bounce. This is such a deal that it's a controversial element of video games where it's taken to unrealistic proportions. Of course, this adds to the focus element as extra attention is spent on big breasts.

Perhaps the biggest reason though for big breasts is as a psychological shortcut to identifying women. Just as men currently like skirts as they indicate a woman in modern society, so too breasts. The bigger the breasts, the more likely it's a woman and therefore sexually compatible. While fat men can have big chests as well, they are the exception and are shaped differently as well, still allowing for the discrimination.

Now, this is not to mean that big breasts are important for all men. Some men like small chests while others focus on other parts of the body. I personally focus on the face and hair first. The face contains the alluring eyes and stunning smile, and hair that complements the face is simply gorgeous. 

In conclusion, I believe there are a variety of reasons for the fascination of big breasts among men. It could be any combination of the above plus some that I am likely missing. Perhaps it makes sense that there may not be a single reason as people are different. However, it is important to realize that it's only one aspect of a woman's beauty and not necessarily the most important.

N. D. Moharo

Note: There's an article looking at the absurd breasts physics of video games. They give a Not Safe for Work warning so I figured I should do the same before linking to it. If you want to read the article, you can find it at  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Gender Neutral Pronoun we've been using for ages

To the Politically Correct,
    Language is a initially a complicated matter, but as society creates demands for change, it becomes even more so. This becomes a big problem as it becomes harder even for natives to master the language, which in turn creates even more complications. This also makes it very difficult for foreigners to learn the language and may even result in the death of a language. However, perhaps the saddest result is that newer generations will not be able to understand us or our ancestors rich literature.
    It is difficult to satisfy both requirements of simplicity and change, but if the changes were to make the language simpler, then perhaps that is the best route.
    A recent movement that makes things complicated is the idea of gender neutral pronouns. English, like every language I have studied, has historically used the male to represent both genders. However, a lot of women are annoyed that they may be excluded or an after thought due to ambiguity.
    There have been attempts to introduce a gender neutral word, but to find a good word and convince people to use it is too troublesome. I recall an article from a long time ago where a country tried "hen" which has a lot of problems. Why call someone a bird that is also female? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Add a bonus fact that the same word in Japanese means "strange/perverted" and we have irony. Another method was to add female words to clarify, but to add "or she" to every instance of he is tedious. Next attempt is to use "they" even when it's singular. That just adds another complication and is grammatically incorrect.

   So my proposed solution is as follows: use "It". The issue for this was that "It" is for objects, not people. Except that this is not entirely true. We have had the complication of using "It" as a gender neutral pronoun for ages. Here are some examples:

Who is it?
It is I
It's a girl!

Since we already use it for when we don't know the gender and sometimes even when we do know the gender, let's just expand its role. That's simpler and removes complications.

N. D. Moharo